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By using our service, we acknowledge that you are being socially responsible and we will treat you with utmost professionalism. 

DADD™ Getting You and Your Car Home Safe.

What Does It Mean To Drive DADD?
DADD™ is a DD service where You can request a driver for your car to get your car home safely. Travel from point A to your home in the comfort of your own vehicle. Driver’s receive the requests on their smartphone and take Your car from point A to point B for a fee. 


Get My Car Home

Always make the right choice after you party say 

No to a DUI.

 Call or text DADD™ 208-353-7345 to get you and your car home.


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Call or Text 208-353-7345 and DADD™ guarantees you won't get a DUI when DADD Drives you home in the comfort of your own car.

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DADD™ Getting You and Your Car Home!

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